Saturday, September 23, 2017

What I had for lunch - Rolled-up Japanese goodness

Sometimes people ask me, "So what do you have for lunch?" While I'd love to put on my healthy-eater mask and tell them "Oh, I graze on greens" or "Oh, I nibble on nuts and fruits", I couldn't do it with a straight face. Truth is what I eat varies from day to day depending on where my busy day takes me.

Recently I met up with DDs for lunch at a food court and this is what we had:

Sushi. A visually attractive lunch option that I kinda enjoy now and then though I'm not exactly a big fan of the rice portion or the idea of stuffing the whole portion into my mouth which, I'm told, is the correct way to eat it. The rebel in me breaks the sushi in two with chopsticks and load ups on the wasabi (Japanese green mustard) and that's the way I do it!

Takoyaki. Octopus Takoyaki is our favorite but we recently tried Shrimp Takoyaki which is less chewy but pretty good too.Takoyaki is a dough ball made with a batter of eggs, soy sauce, flour and dashi (a Japanese-flavored broth) and crammed to bursting point with chopped green onions, pickled red ginger and the octopus or shrimp, then garnished with green dried seaweed, dried bonito flakes, takoyaki sauce and mayo.

Yums! Soft outside, crunchy and I don't even have to tell you when you get to the octopus inside, so good! What's amazing is how it's even possible to cram so much deliciousness into such a little ball. (Read my earlier post to see the pan they use.)

Though this was such a simple lunch, it was so good over a steaming hot cup of coffee. Now you know why I always look forward to lunch lol. I'll be updating you guys on what I have for lunch from time to time, so stay tuned!