Hey there, so happy you dropped by.

I'm a busy mom of 3 who loves to write. This blog is where I come to hang out after a hectic day, muse about life and its funny twists and turns, and ramble on about random stuff.

I decided to turn my passion for writing into writing freelance to help put my 3 kids through college. All 3 of them are in college. Great timing, I know :) So here's my little shameless plug, if you or anyone you know needs a reliable freelance writer, I would be thrilled if you would send them my way :)

A few other things...

1. My passions include cooking and baking (for my "college team"), working out, languages, travel, ...

2. I love pasta, guacamole, a good cup of coffee and spicy food.

3. I speak 4 languages and right now, I'm learning French. Just for the heck of it ;)

4. I love to drive (when I'm not ranting about traffic and stuff) and this past summer, I did 2,000+ miles up and down the Californian coast.

5. I enjoy crafts and decorating but don't have the time to do them often enough.

Thanks for stopping by. Please follow me any which way suits you best and I hope you stick around. I love comments and yours will definitely bring a smile to my busy day :)