Monday, November 18, 2013

Rainy days and Mondays

Hey guys, how did your weekend go? Mine was pretty quiet. We stayed home. I wouldn't have had it any other way after last week which was, as weeks go around here, pretty fast and furious.

Also it's been raining some, well, a lot. I appreciated getting to sleep in a little over the weekend after running around like a crazy woman all week. The idea of lying in bed and listening to the rain is a welcome one. Well, these days, we're getting thunder and lightning for dramatic effect.

I like the cooler days. It brings a fresh, new outlook to things, as if everything's been washed nice and clean and ready for a new start. Colors are more vivid, nature sounds clearer and today being a Monday, the sunrise was brilliant and I'm hoping it'll chase away those dreaded Monday blues.

I'm going to keep it short as I jump straight into another crazy week. I can't wait for things to get less hectic. If you have a minute, tell me what, if anything, do you like/not like about rainy days and Mondays.


  1. Listening to the rain can be so calming sometimes, I'm glad you got a little bit of time to relax after what sounds like a very busy week.
    Things I like about rainy days: Having an excuse to stay in the house crafting all day!
    Things I dislike: Not being able to take my dog for such long walks, the lack of sunshine!
    I'm actually quite liking Mondays recently, I think because I've finally got my working schedule sorted out so everything feels a bit more organised, I used to dislike them a lot when I was in school though!

  2. @Hannah
    I went to your blog and left a comment using my Google Account (because I don't have any of the other accounts on the list) and my comment vanished 3 times. I'm not sure why but this seems to happen when I leave comments on certain blogs requiring a Google account.

    Your ACEO's (not sure what they stand for, but I'm assuming they are those paintings) are gorgeous.


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